About Us

Our Story:

How did Top Tier Affiliate's come about?
It was actually the idea of several of our merchant & affiliate friends. They asked us to provide a service that they believed was lacking from your conventional affiliate networks. Basically, they wanted to utilize our knowledge base and vision of the affiliate industry. It seemed several merchants had been let down with the promises made to them by Affiliate Networks; and Affiliates were of the opinion that they were not receiving top dollar for their traffic from the networks. Hence the merchants wanted us to help them find the best traffic for their offers and the affiliates wanted us to negotiate better payouts for them.

Our Niche:

•  Exclusive clientele that encourages merchants to give us the best deals:
By working with some of the largest and most savvy web affiliates, Top Tier Affiliates has a proven track record when it comes to delivering results. This means that by collectively grouping our affiliates together we can pass on the highest possible industry payouts to you.
•  Exclusive direct-deal access to merchants:
Top Tier Affiliates is not an affiliate network per say – we don’t cross publish offers. We don’t pocket 25% margins like many of the affiliate networks do because they offer a tracking system. We simply pride ourselves on going that extra mile and convincing some of the largest online merchants in the world to work directly with us. It’s this approach that further confirms our complete affiliate service offer.
•  Develop mutually beneficial long term relationships:
We believe Business needs to be a win win partnership. Our vision is to therefore develop long term mutually sustainable relationships. We provide both our merchant and affiliate clients with personalized hands on professional services. We provide you with direction and insights on which markets other affiliates are seeing upward growth trends in so that you can also diversify your traffic to other verticals.