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  1. Affiliate Management and Recruitment: Each and every merchant seeks large affiliates. Companies put teams in place to find and recruit affiliates. It's a tough task finding the big fish. Top Tier has been a leader in recruiting, managing and getting the maximum out of the affiliates we bring to you. Use our services & expertise to save you time, save you money & put you ahead of your competition.

  2. Affiliate Representation: Earn more for every unit of traffic you have. Let us broker and negotiate deals on your behalf. Since its inception, Top Tier Affiliates has been asked by affiliates if we can beat their current payouts. To date, this challenge has been met with enthusiasm and confidence. You see because we work with some of the largest affiliates in the world, we combine all this traffic to reflect one account.

    Then it's down to simple economics and the law of numbers - the more you have, the more you can command. And that is what we do. We command the highest payouts for you. In summary - By making use of our services, our skills, contacts and experience guarantees you a better deal than if you approached merchants alone.

  3. Advertising: At Top Tier Affiliates we are equipped to help your business develop the right kind of online strategy, by applying our knowledge and expertise. Top Tier Affiliates have established relationships with many of the world's largest online advertisers. Use our extensive online advertising experience to broker you the best possible advertising deal. We specialize in mediating and matching advertising buyers with multiple advertising space sellers.
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