Top Tier Affiliates offers Merchants comprehensive online marketing solutions and advice that assist merchants in better marketing their websites.

Affiliates who work with Top Tier Affiliates all have top 10 Search Engine rankings for the majority of the most competitive and highly targeted keywords. It is therefore likely that with such good rankings, our affiliates can often generate better quality traffic for you compared to what you are receiving today.

So if you want to get ahead of your competition and your in-house SEO team has not gotten you there yet,
contact us and we will show you what we're talking about.

Top Tier Affiliates - your complete affiliate service!

"I am confident in recommending their services because they have demonstrated and encouraged me to trust, that they can deliver."
Beachside, Mark Johnson

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Merchant Client Case Study

A large online UK financial lender had given his trust and faith in relying on some of the largest Affiliate Networks to bring him quality leads. Setting himself up on the Networks platform cost him a setup fee of $5,000 + a standard 25% margin to the Networks for every lead received by the merchant.

After a fairly solid start, the campaign started losing traction and the interest and enthusiasm first expressed by the affiliate reps at the networks pushing the offer just passed. The offer was placed on the shelf so to speak.

The merchant turned to Top Tier Affiliates for assistance. There were no upfront fees, no promises and no mention of a 25% margin. The only promise made by Top Tier was - "This needs to be a mutually beneficial long term relationship."

Then the traffic started to flow from Top Tier's sources - the quality of the traffic coming from them was unparalleled. It was so targeted that we were able to convert around 40% more of the leads we were receiving compared to what we were getting previously from the Networks.