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Are you tired of having to prove your abilities to merchants or even networks before they even recognize you? Top Tier Affiliates has a proven track record in servicing the best affiliates and getting them what they deserve. So when we offer you a payout, it is guaranteed to be the highest payout at that particular merchant.

At Top Tier Affiliates you can be rest assured that the offers / merchants we suggest you promote, are the ones we have completely researched, analyzed and compared with the competition in that vertical so that you don't have to. Top Tier Affiliates - saving you time, making you money, putting your first!

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Erwin Keverkamp - Internet Entrepreneur

More Testimonials

Affiliate Client Case Study was ranking high on the search engines for financial products; sending several hundred leads and approvals per day. Top Tier Affiliates was initially able to offer the affiliate a 15% raise in his payouts compared to the affiliate network rates.

Three weeks later Top Tier Affiliates had increased the affiliate's payout by an additional 10% and linked the affiliate with vendor offers that would convert his traffic best. By using Top Tier Affiliates to negotiate on his behalf, in a period of less than one month, Top Tier Affiliates had secured a 25% increase in the websites payout per offer.

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